Orbital Analyst [2021-41]


ITS is seeking candidates for an engineering operations position in orbital analysis, space defense and satellite collision avoidance. The engineer provides expertise to solve various operational orbital mechanics problems and to process data for orbit states and predictions. Coordinates and integrates relevant information and findings across multiple functional areas to develop and deliver products enabling customer situational awareness and decisions. Potential for broadening into other areas related to conjunction assessment, proximity operations and various technical tasks related to orbit analysis. Crew work or occasional work outside of normal duty hours may be required.

Required Skills:

Familiarity with Space Force’s Astrodynamics Support Workstation software or similar tools.

Ability to apply knowledge of orbital mechanics and astrodynamics to operations, including orbit determination and maintenance, general and special perturbation-based data and formats, orbit decay, and orbital maneuvers for station keeping and change of station.

Understanding of space object tracking sensors, networks and data, including capabilities and limitations

Ability to create short programs in Perl or other scripting languages to automate data processing.

Familiarity with Linux-based OS, particularly Red Hat or Fedora

Ability to apply orbital mechanics to real world problems. General understanding of methods of orbit determination and prediction, and use of orbital state data

Must have excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills and be proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word, & PowerPoint).

Ability and willingness to multi-task, and be capable of applying innovative analysis in a dynamic work environments to solve customer problems.

Bachelor of Science Degree in one or more of the following preferred: Aerospace or Engineering, Space Operations, Physics.

Three or more years of space-related experience involving Space Situational Awareness, satellite catalog maintenance, orbital analysis, and collision avoidance. Real-time analysis and solution of technical and operational problems is required for this position.

Dahlgren, VA

Must be U.S. Security Clearance Eligible.



U.S. Citizenship Required. An Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Please visit Equal Employment Opportunity link below for further information.
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