Database/Data Analyst [2021-29]

Data Mining Advisory and Assistance Services

Data Science activities generally use Visual Basic and SQL Server type applications to pull, store and manage significant amounts of data in a data warehousing type arrangement that is in a “beta” state for sourcing information and in further development for support of the requirement.

The candidate shall assist with data analyst support efforts to include assisting with data pulls, metrics, data gathering, data storage and organizing, data mining, analysis, and reporting. Reporting efforts shall include the creation of various reports on a set cadence, while also developing documentation, and identifying and assisting with preparing operations and procedures manuals to assist the Government in operating more efficiently and effectively.

The candidate shall participate in data collection, modeling, analysis and product generation, organizing and translating data into useful automated information, and conducting analyses, including defining parameters of requested data output and analysis.

The candidate shall utilize generic, application independent, embedded data mining, algorithm-specific and analytical programming tools to derive or discover new information from data, finding patterns across data sets.

The candidate shall utilize Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) in order to find patterns across multi-dimensions.

The candidate shall utilize various Government Data systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, the Wholesale Supply Chain Requirements System (D200), the Item Manager Wholesale Requisition System (D035A), the Weapon System Management Information System (WSMIS), Logistics, Installations and Missions Support Enterprise View (LIMS-EV) Systems, Execution and Prioritization of Repairs Support System (EXPRESS) (D087X) and associated transactional and feeder systems to perform services. The employee shall also utilize visualization software, to include Tableau.

The candidate shall utilize Microsoft Access and Excel since many of the Government tools they will be required to support were built using these software applications. In addition, the Contractor employees shall assist with data mining efforts by utilizing advanced software to include R, VBA, Python and or other currently approved data tools.

Other duties as assigned

Required Skills:

Shall have the minimum number of years(2-8)of knowledge and experience defined above in data analyst practices and the use of advanced data software to include R, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), SQL, C++ and or Python.

Shall have the minimum number of years of knowledge and experience (2-8) in advanced Personal Computer (PC) and Internet search skills and other applicable automated data processing (ADP) based tools such as process engineering and database.

Shall have the minimum number of years of knowledge and experience (2-8) in the use of computers using appropriate software applications. These include the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel, to include pivot tables.

Knowledge and experience with the following systems is preferred: Wholesale Supply Chain Requirements Systems (D200); the Item Manager Wholesale Requisition System (D035A); and the Execution and Prioritization of Repairs Support System (EXPRESS) (D087X).

A bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems (MIS), Supply Chain Management (SCM), a data science field or similar degree is preferred.


Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City, OK

Must be U.S. Security Clearance Eligible.



U.S. Citizenship Required. An Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Please visit Equal Employment Opportunity link below for further information
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