Communications - Computer Systems (C-CS) Technician [2023-009]

Information Technology

- Performs preventive and corrective maintenance, both scheduled and unscheduled, on equipment/off equipment, servicing, alignment, modification, testing, inspection, repair and overhaul of all data processing and associated equipment

- In work assignments, applies comprehensive technical troubleshooting techniques in analog and digital electronics, solid-state principles, logic and diagnostic routines to test, troubleshoot, repair, modify, install, adjust and maintain complex special-purpose electronic, electromechanical, components and built-in test equipment

- Utilizes various types of test equipment such as, but not limited to, multi-meters, oscilloscopes, and logic analyzers. Utilizes an assortment of engineering drawings, technical orders, manufacturer manuals and instructions and similar information to accomplish all tasks assigned

- Performs other various duties and assignments, as directed by the Mission Operations Group Manager/Deputy Program Manager, including but not limited to general housekeeping, safety and environmental practices, requisitions parts, monitors bench stock, supply point, maintains data/logs/files, complies with security policies, PWS directive publications, completes ancillary training and participates in exercises

- Submit system outage reports, update Equipment Status Reports and enter reportable equipment into the Integrated Maintenance Data Systems (IMDS) database

- Perform computer operations, maintenance, diagnostics, alignments, and modifications to computers, servers, and various types of network equipment to include switches and firewalls, and all associated peripherals

- Respond to and initiate resolution for all network-related trouble tickets within 24 hours of outage

- Perform configuration, maintenance, and fault isolation. Resolve network problems and outages during normal duty hours. Provide response within 24 hours for site-wide outages to restore normal network operations during non-duty hours

- Provide Boundary Management/Protection. Report vulnerabilities to Air Force Information

Network (AFIN) Mission Assurance Center (AMAC) (561 NOS)

- Implement Information Condition (INFOCON) procedures and Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs) as directed by the Government

- Submit proposed changes management to the appropriate ISSM for review and approval

- Provide oversite for Computer Security (COMPUSEC) matters, ensuring all users and

CSLs under their purview receive Computer Security (COMPUSEC) training

- Correct all EMSEC deficiencies within 30 calendar days after identified by an EMSEC inspection

- Manage the Secure Telephone Equipment (STE) and Re-key or reissue STE keys as required within one business day

- Ensure crypto keying and control. Perform and document COMSEC self-inspections

- When required, complete incident reports involving physical, cryptographic, and personnel COMSEC incidents

- Ensures diagnostic testing is conducted on all data processing systems, servers, RAIDs and peripherals

- Oversee network operations of the Cavalier SFS CFP, assist in achieving cybersecurity compliance and generate visibility into the base network

- Coordinate all network operation interruptions (for maintenance, modifications, or other such occurrences) with on-Site network users and others who could be affected by a network interruption

- Respond and track resolutions using Government-provided trouble ticket tracking software.

- Ensure trouble tickets are routed to the proper section

- Obtain approval from the 10 SWS Commander prior to scheduling any system or service outages

- Maintain accurate and timely documentation of all user problems and resolutions for the purposes of trend analysis in the system and provide to Government personnel upon request

- Evaluate validity of new C4 network-related requirements and develop the technical solutions

- Maintain all histories, inventories, documentation, configurations, and network files concerning network systems on file and available for Government review upon request

- Perform configuration, security, and interface manage, operate, and maintain Cavalier SFS network equipment and associated Information Technology Equipment (ITE) and software utilizing DoD-approved commercially available products and maintain File/Print servers and network infrastructure

- Install, configure, troubleshoot, operate, maintain, monitor, analyze, and upgrade Cavalier SFS servers, operating system(s), and software

- Integrate and support downward-directed Air Force programs supporting network infrastructure upgrades, including Government-furnished Combat Information Transport System (CITS) equipment

- Backup and restore all networks in the event of failure

- Support physical inventory, at start of contract and annually thereafter, of all ITE

- Install, configure, troubleshoot, maintain, and upgrade the VPN client software on laptops

- Install, configure, and maintain all hardware and software including all routers, switches, and hubs IAW Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs)

- Install and maintain all data circuits, voice, and cable drops of installed end devices IAW industry standards

- Develop, document, and/or provide input to update the existing primary NIPR and SIPR enclave, mission systems, and Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS)

- Maintain SCIF terminals, equipment and cabling/connections to the JWICS node/demarcation point. Coordinate JWICS service interruptions with the appropriate service provider or organization. At least one JWICS terminal available within 2 hours after contacting contractor for repair

- Coordinate SCIF modifications in advance of work with AFSPC/SSO to ensure certification requirements are maintained. Coordinate maintenance actions with the on-site COR and DO in advance to ensure SCIF can be cleared for performance of maintenance functions

- Conduct required security reviews of all RMF security controls and required testing of the security controls as directed by the ISSM

- Establish, manage, and track all network user accounts

- Report and submit system security incidents, virus attacks, classified message incidents, and identify threats, vulnerabilities, and associated countermeasures

- When directed, review audit trails of core network services and infrastructure devices for indications of inappropriate or unusual activity. Analyze and report suspected violations using the security measures IAW AFI 33-115

- Publish downward-directed information forwarded from 21 SW Cybersecurity to all network users

- Manage, control, protect, and safeguard COMSEC facilities, material, equipment, and accounts. Pick up and deliver COMSEC material from the supporting COMSEC account. Disseminate COMSEC information IAW local standard operating procedures

- Monitor the operations and maintain the Base Telephone System

- Install, troubleshoot, change (add/relocate/remove/modify), maintain, calibrate, repair, and perform Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI) on all switching equipment, end devices, power distribution systems, public address systems, alerting systems, data transmitting systems, base cable plant, and premise wiring within the Service Area

- Maintain trouble reports using a Government-provided ticketing and resolution database

- Provide O&M support as directed by Host for DRSN equipment. Maintain all DRSN equipment (phone, cabling, multiplexer, and peripheral equipment) up to the demarcation

- Maintain a written record of trouble reports

- Respond to DRSN outage notifications and begin restoral of equipment during normal duty hours or within three hours of DRSN outage after normal duty hours

- Perform maintenance, troubleshooting, and other procedures required of a Technical Control Facility/Patch and Test Facility

- Initiate and submit required Feeder Requests for service and process Telecommunication Service Requests and Telecommunication Service Orders

- Respond to outages and begin restoral of mission-critical communication services within two hours of notification and non-mission-critical communication services by the next business day

- Restore circuit outages, report communications outages, and submit appropriate trouble tickets

- Provide copier support and ensure maintenance requests are responded to within one workday. Copiers will be maintained to ensure availability 95% of the time each month

- Maintain photo badging system equipment and card readers

- Operate and maintain LMR equipment. Manage LMR and cellular telephone assets and maintain all LMR-related equipment

- Provide and coordinate all maintenance and service restoral to Government-owned television equipment and cabling to all buildings and facilities

- Modify, relocate, or remove all Command, Control, Communications and Computer (C4) systems, and process Communications-Computer System (C-CS) requirements using the standard Government requirements processing system. Manage C4 systems requirements using the requirements system and assist users with creating requirements. Maintain individual folders on all C4 programs/projects. Review and coordinate Project Support Agreements (PSAs) with all affected agencies. Monitor all implementation actions for completion prior to system acceptance, process applicable system acceptance documentation, and provide copies to all agencies involved. Receive and coordinate new drawings and process data to update drawings and Communications-Computer System Installation Records (CSIRs) with 38 EIG, Tinker AFB, and the Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Cyberspace Infrastructure Planning System (CIPS)

- Comply with Cavalier SFS plans, policies, and procedures, generate and maintain all Government records in the format provided. Provide electronic reports to the Government

- Apply industry standards and commercial best practices, in the absence of directive technical orders and publications. Comply with local, state, and federal statutes

- Safeguard all assets and information and follow Industrial, Physical and Operational Security requirements

- Provide escort support for personnel without unescorted entry authorization that are performing contracted functions

- Complete the following web-based training within the first three months of arrival and on an annual basis thereafter: Force Protection, and Cybersecurity and Awareness Program

- Complete all local procedure training at contract start and on an annual basis thereafter

- Maintain and repair the Honeywell Vindicator V5 Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and all associated equipment not covered under warranty

- Maintain and repair automated gate, cypher locks, lighting, entry control points, video surveillance system, proximity locks, intrusion detection system, and all locks

- Provide familiarization training to newly assigned Security Forces members on Honeywell Vindicator V5 Intrusion Detection System and Access Control System

- Conducts quarterly walk-through inspections with the Government to check Priority Level (PL)-1 – PL-3 IDS

- Perform Telecommunications Monitoring and Assessment actions and report corrective actions and progress made

- Maintain Industrial Control System (ICS) certification and manage systems. Assess ICS threats, vulnerabilities, and risks as required

High School Diploma or equivalent. Vocational or equivalent training in electronics, computer repair

Three (3) years’ experience maintaining MODCOMP, UNIX and Windows computer systems. Two years supervisory experience in computer maintenance. Three years PARCS, SSPARS, or similar Phased Array radar systems experience preferred

Cavalier Space Force Station, ND

TS/SCI eligible


In compliance with Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, the salary range for this role is $75,000 - $95,000. Please note, salary is based on education, experience, and responsibilities.

U.S. Citizenship is required. EOE including disability/vet
Equal Employment Opportunity Information